December 31

You’re Engaged…Now What?

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The First 3 Steps to Planning Your Wedding!

You're engaged - CONGRATULATIONS!

While the first stages of wedding planning can be equal parts exciting and overwhelming, keeping these three things in mind will get you off to a great start!

🎹 PRIORITIZE: A first step in your planning process should be to think about what is most important to you as a couple when it comes to your big day.  What do you want people to instantly think of when they remember your wedding and reception?

Are you set on a cake made of donuts, swans in the middle of the dance floor, or a custom neon sign with your new last name?

🎹 BUDGET ACCORDINGLY: Once you've nailed down your non-negotiables, it's time to reflect that in your overall budget. 

Sure, those dance floor swans might be pricey, but spending a bit less on something that's not a priority will allow you to shift your budget to cover the cost of said swans!

🎹 REMEMBER: Years from now, no one will remember exactly what they ate, what color the flowers were, or how many tiers your cake was...

but they WILL remember how much fun they had!

Want to set your reception apart from the rest?

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What am I Missing?
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