July 10

Why You Need our “Done for You” Fundraising System!

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The Life of a Busy Volunteer...

If you've ever been involved in volunteering for a cause you're passionate about, you know just how exhilarating and rewarding it can be. Whether it's lending a hand at a local animal shelter, helping out at your kiddo's school, or working to protect the environment, volunteers are the unsung heroes who make the world a better place.

But let's be honest, being a volunteer is no walk in the park. From managing tasks, coordinating events, and raising funds, it often feels like we're juggling more responsibilities than a circus performer. That's why our "done for you" Dueling Pianos FUNdraisers have become the fundraising event that schools, Chambers of Commerce, and non-profits re-book year after year!

First and foremost, volunteers are driven by their passion for a cause, which means they are eager to dedicate their time and energy to the mission at hand. But while their hearts are in the right place, their calendars are often bursting at the seams. Volunteers are not superheroes with infinite time and resources; they have jobs, families, and personal commitments that demand their attention. Balancing it all can feel like a tightrope act, leaving little room for planning and executing a successful fundraising campaign.

Our Dueling Pianos FUNdraisers offer a solution! By providing a comprehensive, timeline-based, e-book checklist that walks you step-by-step through planning your event, we allow volunteers to focus on what they do best: making a difference! 

Instead of feeling overwhelmed and burnt out, you can rely on our tried and tested tips and tricks, expert guidance, and professional assistance to help you raise more MONEY and have more FUN at your fundraising event!  

But don't just take OUR word for it, here's what one school fundraiser event organizer had to say...

“Everyone had a blast!  I had numerous people coming up to me (males and females) telling me we have to do it again!  From being the organizer - this was by far one of the easiest fundraisers we have done.  We typically need LOTS of volunteers and this event I felt required minimal volunteers - and those that did volunteer were able to still enjoy the entire evening without feeling they were missing out.  

All that being said, we definitely are including this on our line up for next year's events.” ~Affton, PTA Leader and School Fundraiser Organizer

Ready to learn how we can help you raise funds while having fun? Click below to get the ball rolling!

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