October 26

Our #1 Tip for Fundraiser Events: Provide a Draw!

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Raise More MONEY + Have More FUN with our Dueling Pianos FUNdraisers!

If you're involved in a school, non-profit, or other cause, chances are, you'll be planning a fundraiser at some point!

Hands down, one of the biggest tips we have is to PROVIDE A DRAW to your event! What will make people want to buy a ticket to support your cause?

 ✨ That's where we come in! ✨

🎹 Mouse races and trivia nights are overdone and dreaded by most - dueling pianos are fun and fresh!

🎹 Everyone is tired of selling frozen pizzas and working the concession stand.  Give 'em a fun night out instead!

🎹 Reaching your cold market = selling more tickets AND attracting new faces!  Having a fun new event often brings future volunteers to your organization for the first time!

Don't just take OUR word for it...

"We had a great time with Spanky Entertainment, and our fundraiser raised more money than we expected!

People had a fabulous time listening to them play, they got the crowd involved, and had a lot of fun. Something that we did not expect is that all the tips that went to the piano players came back to our schools!  Loved working with the guys, they were great!

I have to tell you I ended up with laryngitis because I was singing and talking so much! LOL

Also, thank you for all your help planning, it was very much appreciated! I would highly recommend using Spanky Entertainment for any fundraisers. It was very little work and we all had a great time!"

~Kym, School Fundraiser Chair

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Allow Us To Re-Introduce Ourselves…

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What am I Missing?
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