January 20

New Year = New Funds for Schools + Nonprofits!

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Involved in a School, Team, Chamber of Commerce, or Nonproft? NOW is the Time to Reach out for Corporate Donations!

👉️ The beginning of a new year means a new budget is in place for corporate sponsors! In other words, the coffers are freshly stocked and ready to be distributed to deserving non-profits just like yours!

👉️  Wondering how to approach companies when seeking donation requests? Send a letter! Your letter should introduce yourself and your cause, share your monetary goal, tell a bit about what you're SPECIFICALLY raising money for AND why it's vital to your organization, and attempt to include a personal connection from the donor to the cause.  A real person is going to read your letter, so be sure to appeal to human nature by sharing exactly what your organization needs and how their company can make a difference with their donation. 

👉️  Set yourself up for success when sending donation letters.  Most corporate sponsors will want the full legal name of your organization, a  declaration of your organization's tax-exempt status, and your organization's employer identification number.  Smaller companies might not require this information, but including them certainly improves your credibility as an organization and improves your chance of getting a donation!

Looking to make the most of your monetary donations? Invest in a fundraiser event! Click below for a FREE Fundraising Event Consultation.  We'd love to help you raise FUNDS while having FUN!

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What am I Missing?

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‘Tis the Season…for Engagements!
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