January 3

How to Thank Fundraiser Event Sponsors

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Thank You for Being a Friend - Our 3 Favorite Ways to Thank Event Sponsors!

There are lots of ways to show appreciation to the individuals and businesses that made your event possible.  Here are our three favorites!

🎹 Signage at the Event: Businesses and individuals alike LOVE seeing their name on signage at the fundraising event! Consider using different sizes to reflect different levels of sponsorship.

🎹 Preferred Seating at the Event: How about giving your sponsors a "front row seat" with preferred/reserved seating at your event? Or special perks, like having a designated "wait staff" (volunteers) while non-sponsors have to serve themselves?

 🎹 A Handwritten Note with a Photo After the Event: Your sponsors made your event possible, so show them what their support enabled you to accomplish! New playground equipment? Meals for the animal shelter?  Absolutely anything you can physically see? Send a photo along with a handwritten note telling them how their support impacted the recipients!

Interested in learning more about Spanky Entertainment Dueling Pianos' FUNdraisers for your school, church, team, club, chamber of commerce, or non-profit? Message us today!

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What am I Missing?
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