January 23

How to Pick a Great Date for Your Fundraiser Event!

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If you're involved in a school, non-profit, or other cause, chances are, you'll be planning a fundraiser at some point! 

Something helpful to think about early on is when you'll have your event! While picking a great date isn't difficult, here are a few tips to make it less tricky:

👉 â Make sure the date you choose isn't the same season as other fundraisers or events your organization puts on each year. You want people to be excited about the event without feeling over-committed. 

👉 â  Noting special events happening in the community is a great idea, too - you want YOUR event to be the "don't miss event" of the weekend.  Not competing with things like homecomings, community festivals, and other events will only help your ticket sales!

👉 Take into account your venue's availability - note that the months of October and December book up quickly with weddings and holiday parties; many venues will generally already be booked for these months well in advance.

👉 On that same note, we would rarely recommend scheduling your fundraiser in December.  Yes, folks DO feel more generous that time of year, but truth told, most people are already over-scheduled that month.  You are better off choosing a time of year that's a bit less hectic!

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