November 2

Volunteers: Not All Heroes Wear Capes {But You’ll Want To!}

Chamber of Commerce, Corporate Events, Fundraisers


If You're Going to be a Hero, You Might as Well Wear Your Cape!

All of "the good candy" has been eaten, the pumpkin is in the trash, and you're ready to move forward with November...

BUT, don't pack away your Halloween superhero cape just yet - you're gonna need it! 💥

Imagine this:

🚫 No more boring trivia nights...

🚫 No more selling frozen pizzas...

🚫 No more working the concession stand...

When you book Spanky Entertainment Dueling Pianos for your fundraiser, YOU end up looking like a hero! {See what I mean? Hero = cape!}

Our unique, all-request, live music format has helped schools, churches, chambers of commerce and non-profits all over the country raise more MONEY and have more FUN at their events...and we can do the same for you!

Plus, we're experts at helping you put on your best event ever!

💥 In fact, we've written a timeline-based, step-by-step ebook designed to help you raise more MONEY, have more FUN, and make the most of your event that you'll receive for FREE once your contract is signed and your deposit is paid!

Ready to take the first step towards your best fundraiser yet? Click below to get the party started!

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New Year = New Funds for Schools + Nonprofits!

Allow Us To Re-Introduce Ourselves…

Allow Us To Re-Introduce Ourselves…

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What am I Missing?
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