Fireworks, Funnel Cakes, And Fun For The Whole Family!

From small town apple festivals to community concerts to state fairs...when you're looking for the perfect entertainment for ALL ages and ALL demographics, look no further than DUELING PIANOS!

We can play Rat Pack for the seniors, Disney songs for the kiddos, and a little bit of everything else for everyone in between!

Unlike other "shows," dueling pianos are never the same - that's because attendees’ song requests make up our playlist! We only play what they want to hear, so it's never the same experience twice!

We could go on and on about our dueling pianos performances - but nothing says it better than the videos below! Check out how we can bring a unique, interactive, family-friendly experience that people of all ages look forward to year after year! 

Katie Grable

Fmr. Asst. Dir., Edwardsville, IL Parks and Recreation

I don’t ever worry when I’m booking these guys, because I know it’s going to sell out.

Watch Us In Action

Check out these videos from some of our favorite events!

What Fans Are Saying

Hang out with us after the show to hear from some fans - old and new!

City of Edwardsville, IL Arts in the Park Series

A beautiful summer evening, a singing and dancing crowd and our pianos, of course!

Grant's Farm "Friday Nights at the Farm"

Grant's Farm is a St. Louis tradition, just like Spanky Entertainment! What's better than dueling pianos in a replica of a German beer garden?

Dueling Pianos at Fairs and Festivals

In this edition of Monday Morning Musician, Spanky and Bill share good times and ideas for making fairs and festivals even more fun with dueling pianos!