April 2

Caution: Before Planning a Dueling Pianos FUNdraiser…

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PRO TIP: Before Hiring a Dueling Pianos Company for your Fundraiser, Ask Yourself the Following...

🎹 Do they have specific strategies for helping you raise as much money as possible?

🎹 Are fundraisers their specialty?

🎹 Are they getting rave reviews?

🎹 Are their fundraiser clients rebooking each year?

🎹 Are they there to help you every step of the way as you plan your event?

🎹 Have they compiled an entire e-book filled with tips and timelines to help you make the most of your event?

If the answer to any of these is "no," well....you know where to find us! 😉

👉 Click below to get the ball rolling towards your most fun and profitable event yet!

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New Year = New Funds for Schools + Nonprofits!

New Year = New Funds for Schools + Nonprofits!

Allow Us To Re-Introduce Ourselves…

Allow Us To Re-Introduce Ourselves…

What am I Missing?

What am I Missing?
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